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  • Optimise It! The Workbook by Claire Harbour

    About Claire Harbour

    Claire Harbour - Wiltshire based website optimisation consultant

    Hi, I’m Claire Harbour. I love helping online business owners increase their bottom lines through website optimisation! I’m a performance focused website designer and consultant living in Wiltshire UK. I love exploring design and ways to make it more effective. My passion lies in helping fabulous SMB owners like you create or tweak their websites in order to maximise impact and conversions.

    My mission is to help website owners realise that there is more to websites than aesthetics and empower them to take charge and engineer them to convert! I’m not perfect, and I don’t claim to have all the answers, but I love sharing my own process, tips and tools to help you get the most out of your online presence.

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    My Story (the quick version)

    I’ve been working online for five years and left full time education in 2011 on a quest to become a real entrepreneur. At that time I had around 40 affiliate websites - all of which were targeted by a major anti-government hacking organisation. As a result, my little green shoots of a business turned to ash. I remember it clearly, logging on to my computer and seeing everything gone. I felt like the ground had disappeared and I was falling through space. As you can imagine, I lost a lot of confidence and a lot of money - my business had literally been hacked to death.

    So, I had a decision to make. What the heck do I do? As I could no longer afford to gamble money on advertising and no longer had any websites to push traffic to; I decided to start afresh and take the optimisation route. I put £30 on a domain and hosting and using just a handful of the now countless optimisation techniques I know now, built a simple WordPress blog, which In it’s first month turned over in excess of £1,500. It was amazing considering I did no advertising and didn’t have any product. I've have been studying websites and optimisation ever since and still have an insatiable urge to continue the process of learning.

    It’s safe to say that optimisation changed my life. While keeping my new sites going and improving, I decided to pursue my passion for design. However, I soon realised that design alone wasn’t enough to keep me happy. I was constantly frustrated by the lack of effective design in the market place, so decided it was time for me to start sharing my hard-won secrets. This website and are my platforms for sharing and helping you explore ways to get more from your sites.

    What Now?

    Stay awhile and get comfortable! Dive in and start learning about optimisation, read more about me and find out how you can work with me.


    Please note: that I will only be taking on a select number of new clients in the new year. If you'd like to work with me in 2016, please enquire below. For an investment that won't disappoint and will give you a return day after day; all of my work is individually tailored and comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

    Web design

    Want a brand new look for your site, that not only looks good but works effectively too? Sit down with me to establish your design preferences and site / page goals and get a site delivered which will perform!

    Enquire >

    Website audit

    Don't need a redesign, but want increase your site's impact and conversions? Choose this option if you'd like me to go through your site and suggested improvements that will be easy for you or your web designer to implement.

    Enquire >

    VIP Website Strategy Session

    Book at VIP strategy session with Claire. Talk through the goals of your website and how to achieve them. Design an action plan for your site, potential offerings and lead generation offers. With this option you not only get to meet with Claire face to face, but get hand crafted worksheets and action plans designed to help make your progress towards getting an effective site a whole lot easier.

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